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Dr. Kevin J. Cross MD

Meet Philadelphia based, board-certified Dr. Kevin J. Cross. One of the 30 most sought after beauty gurus in America (Town & Country Magazine), and winner of Best of Beauty style for Plastic Surgery and Skin Care.

Meet Dr. Kevin J. Cross. One of the 30 most sought after beauty gurus in America (Town & Country Magazine)

Dr. Cross is a board-certified plastic surgeon who worked with top NYC cosmetic surgeons before moving back to Philadelphia in 2008. Using his breadth of experience, he applies advanced techniques to individualized treatment plans providing his patients dramatic—though still natural-looking—results.

Penn University of Pennsylvania
Cornell University
Columbia University
American Society of Plastic Surgeons
Northwestern University
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


The face is where visible signs of aging tend to appear first. From wrinkles and creases to hollows and downward-shifting fat, the changes can make a person look aged beyond their years.

Dr. Kevin J. Cross uses a range of sophisticated facial surgery techniques to restore youthful contours, applying them with the face as a whole in mind for a natural-looking result. He can target any combination of the lower face and neck, eyelids, nose, forehead, ears, cheeks, and chin.


Whether a woman wants to make a change to her breasts because she has always been unhappy with the way they look or time and babies have caused them to lose their size, shape, or symmetry, Dr. Kevin J. Cross can help.

Every breast surgery is customized to the patient. There are no "cookie cutter" breasts, so procedures and their results should reflect the aesthetic of the individual, whether the goal is augmentation with implants or fat transfer, reduction or revision.


Are you dealing with too much fat in one area, but not enough to keep skin from sagging in another. Body contouring procedures at Cross Medical Group are designed to provide natural-looking, lasting results that get you into the shape you want.

Patient-tailored tucks can address laxity on the belly, arms, legs, and buttocks, while surgical fat reduction slims down anything from large areas to small pockets. Procedures can even be combined into a Mommy Makeover for total-body transformations.


Dr. Thomas Griffin works with men and women dealing with hair loss to create natural-looking, full, robust heads of hair via transplantation surgery. Using modern techniques based on tried-and-true practices and technology developed and refined over decades of research and development, he can address thinning, bald spots, and receding hairlines.

There are also medications and topical treatments that can help curb hair loss and restore growth. Dr. Griffin develops a plan specific to each patient to get results.

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BEFORE & AFTER Real Patient Transformations

See for yourself the results Dr. Kevin J. Cross and his team are capable of providing, from breast augmentation, facelift, and tummy tuck to BOTOX® and other non-surgical treatments.

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